Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Will sweet potato vine thrive indoors through the winter?

Yes it will grow but not as rapid as it will during the spring, Keep by a window were it can get some sun and water it regularly, By spring you will have a beautiful plant

Will sweet potato vine thrive indoors through the winter?
yeah I had mine inside. Just remember to water and give it some light, but keep away from the cold!!
Reply:Potted up and cared for as a house plant it will continue to thrive.
Reply:is it winter where you are ? summer just started last week here
Reply:Try the forums at they are geared more toward this type of questions
Reply:Definitely. In fact, I took a cutting from mine last year and stuck it in water with the intention of potting it, but I never did. It lived in water all winter and went back outside (with its new root mass) this spring. I think they can survive most anything.
Reply:Yes just make sure you give it plenty of sunlight. good luck.
Reply:I don't think it will.
Reply:It wont thrive but it will live. Keep it in a sunny window.

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