Sunday, February 5, 2012

What kind of thorny vine is this? *Photos*?

What kind of thorny vine is this? *Photos*?
Without a question your picture is of a blackberry plant. Here in Oregon they come up everywhere and when the end of the vine touches the ground it will root again and so on. It marches across the landscape and takes over abandoned cars and buildings. It is considered an envasive species in this neck of the woods. The blackberries are great but ya gotta keep them in check. Birds eat them and spread them like wild fire thru their droppings, as well as other critters.
Reply:It looks like wild blackberry, but could also be wild raspberry.

Yeah, I live in Portland, and they are very invasive here. They are very hard to get rid of and pop up everywhere. I would pull it up if I were you.

They do taste great though.
Reply:Pick up the parts of the vine with leave, go to a local nursery. They can assist you.
Reply:Well some seem to have it right, A raspberry has more and smaller thorns where as a blackberry has fewer but larger thorns. Great for making pies and jam
Reply:I think that they are blackberries or raspberries.
Reply:wild blackberry or raspberry
Reply:raspberry maybe

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